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Our Analytics Platform

Unmatched Data Analysis

Clever's proprietary database is the world's largest and cleanest aggregation of project details for the carbon market.

There's no similar tool for analyzing data across registries. We extract and structure data from documents and unstructured sources in our database, enabling accurate analysis. Our proprietary database is the largest of its kind, aggregating project details for carbon markets through standardized and cleaned data.

Accessible Database

Clever makes billions of data points easily accessible and tailored to your needs.

Our database contains various fields, including project details like sector, geography, developer, and credit attributes such as registry, year, vintage, methodology, and ownership. Additionally, we offer structured data for project commissioning and verification dates, credit issuance, project crediting periods, contact information for project developers, surveyors, verification bodies, and more. These structured fields are not found elsewhere.

Centralized Information

Clever connects your needs with other stakeholders across the globe with a click of a button.

Clever brings together all the details about carbon offset projects in one convenient place. Our platform gathers and organizes data from over 14,000 projects spanning nearly every country on Earth. This centralized approach not only boosts your confidence in making informed business decisions but also saves you valuable time.

Dashboards and Reporting

Easily pull visual reports of queries run.

No more tedious graph building or Excel inputting, you can easily pull visual reports. Track, record, and compare using our integrated and customizable dashboard. Clever's dashboard and reporting make collaboration and communication with your team simple and time-efficient.

Clever makes complex decisions simple and
analyzable through the carbon credit project cycle.


Customized Dashboards

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Data visualizations of queries


Data visualizations of time lag between project completion and credit issuance

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