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Our Mission

At Clever, we simplify the carbon offset landscape. Our database empowers clients with customized information, ensuring confident, data-driven decisions in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

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Founding Story

Saving our planet with safe decision making

The planet is burning, oceans are rising, and storms are flooding our neighborhoods.  Even if all human-caused emissions ceased today forever, temperatures would continue to rise.  It's all pretty grim.  But there are incredible solutions out there to make our planet healthier while still supporting economic growth.  This is through leveraging carbon markets to optimize existing market based measures.  At first look into what carbon offsets might deliver, we were inspired.  However, confusion quickly set in.  Why were these carbon offset projects not being supported even though corporations were desperate to find and fund them?  It was impossible to get meaningful answers to basic questions you would expect from any mature market.


We discovered that the carbon crediting process is complicated and involves many parties with diverse interests.  Data was available but was fragmented across many sources.  There was no way to get accurate information on the demand side about which projects best fit their objectives and the supply side had no way of accessing information about who facilitates expansion or funding.  To make it even more complex, if you happened to find someone aligned with your goals there was no way to compare them horizontally against other providers of projects or sources of capital.  This led to extremely risky decision-making rooted in limited facts, or more often, a decision to remain on the sidelines.


So we decided to redirect our skill sets honed in high finance, insurance, software development, and data management to do our part in saving the planet.  Let's be honest, home composting and eating vegetarian half the week made us feel better but really wasn't helping to solve biblical flooding and raging forest fires.  After months of researching and understanding the challenges stakeholders in carbon markets face, we developed Clever.  Clever's proprietary smart database gathers under one roof data from 14,000+ projects, 5 major registries, and 2,300+ unique developers operating in 150+ countries.  Our optimized, structured data empowers efficient decision-making, benefiting all carbon market stakeholders, driving capital where it needs to be to maximize impact.


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Core Values



Our platform aggregates data across 5 registries so you can trust you are getting the most accurate and comprehensive information available. We believe using the best data allows you to trust you made the right decision.

Accessing and synthesizing carbon offsets data fosters collaboration, informs decisions, enhances efficiency and innovation, and uncovers hidden opportunities. In all our pursuits we aim to make our platform user-friendly so you can optimize its vast capabilities.


At Clever, we believe every business decision should be rooted in assessing all the facts. Clever aims to do through centralizing all the facts you need to research, compare, and align you goals to the greater carbon offsets landscape.

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