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Building the world's most advanced carbon offset analytics platform

research, compare, and discover offset opportunties

14,000+ projects across 5 registries

2,000+ unique project developers

Across 150+ countries

1 place for all your market research

Accurate information is the seed of collaboration and market acceleration.

It's Complicated

Navigating the carbon offsets market is nearly impossible.

Data on carbon offsets is fragmented across multiple registries making it nearly unusable

There are multiple stakeholders that have no way of matching with one another

Organizing the information to best suit your needs is time-consuming and overwhelming

carbon credit market

until now...

Clever's structured data optimizes analysis for more efficient decision-making.

How Clever Simplifies

Data-Driven Decision Making

Clever's platform aggregates data from multiple registries, ensuring due diligence for confident, data-backed business decisions in carbon markets whether you are funding, trading, or seeking to deliver a project.

Time Efficiency 

Gathering, reporting, and sharing information about how you are meeting your carbon offsets goal used to be time-consuming and often inaccurate. Clever solves this by its capability to pull reports instantly giving teams access to a unified dashboard. 

Connecting Stakeholders

Before Clever, project developers and corporates struggled to find each other.  Our data analytics platform now solves this matching problem by providing accurate project information and contact details for all stakeholders.

Customized Results

Data is only as good as it is useful.  Clever can customize your dashboard and search based on your needs whether that means by geography, by project sector, by vintage, or otherwise.

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