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New Launch. New Partnership

Big News for Clever

Our pitch at Techstars Alabama Energy Tech's Demo Day was a huge success, with over 300 live audience members! We were thrilled to see the interest Clever received in the room during the cocktail reception. Stay tuned, as we'll be sharing a video link soon. 

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Get ready to invest! Clever is gearing up to launch a capital raise in January with the goal of closing within Q1 2024. Please continue to connect us with smart seed-level investors in this space. 

Freemium Product Launch

Next week we launch! Be the first to find out. We’ve added registries. We’ve added features. We’ve added analytics. We’ve made the updates you’ve asked for. We have cost-basis data from more than 1,500 projects! Get ready to streamline decision-making around expected vs. actual credit yield, cost modeling, and validating other claims through project proposal phases. 

New Partnership with Darcy Partners

is an advisory platform that works with and connects emerging technology providers across the globe. We are happy that we have the opportunity to work with them! Read more below about this exciting partnership. 

There's a methodology for that...

This is the tool that will lower barriers to entry, increase awareness and fluency, send demand signals to attract engineering talent, and drive capital from the sidelines to where it's needed, growing the market pie. This snapshot's just a preview. Stay excited!


Featured New Feature: Cost data 

We have an extensive collection of cost-based data from over 1,500 projects. Ask us about it! Validating claims in project proposals becomes easier and scalable when data from existing projects of comparable scopes, geographies, and time periods can be quickly analyzed. As a premium user, you will have access to our valuable trove of cost basis data. Calculate production costs for various types of credits, and make informed decisions on where to invest for the highest expected return.

About Darcy 

Darcy is a research scout and market intelligence firm that looks to de-risk technology innovation by connecting technology developers with Darcy's members: O&G upstream operators and electric and natural gas Utilities mainly in North America but also in Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, and Australia. These companies pay a subscription to access Darcy’s services including a storefront inventory of vetted innovative companies, weekly one-hour online events, and small consulting services. With over 8,500 users across 100+ operators, Darcy members are constantly evaluating and engaging with technology vendors through Connect. Look out in 2024 for Clever to be featured in a weekly hour-long event to Darcy’s membership.

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