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Latest News for Clever

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

It's been a busy couple of months for us at Clever. In September, we kicked off our participation in the 2023 Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator located in Birmingham, AL in partnership with Alabama Power Company. It’s an intense and highly exclusive program that we are proud to participate in with 11 other EnergyTech companies.

The program is led by and is in tight coordination with Matt Jaeh and Rae’Mah Henderson on the Techstars side and Kevin Kaye and Tyler Sullens from Alabama Power.

Initial Funding Through Techstars The program has provided us with our first $120K to kickstart Clever's product launch and position us for our next round of funding.

Building Our Team

In October, we hired critical team members to get Clever to the next phase. We have hired a data manager, and a part-time marketing support team, and are working closely with a GTM advisor.

First Preview of the Clever Platform We have previewed Clever to select users these past couple of weeks. The purpose of this initial release is to gather feedback to refine the platform before launching our freemium product.

Clever's Preview

Our MVP has launched and we have shipped this to our first beta users. We are using HotJar to capture user data and feedback. The front end is connected to ~40% of our clean, structured data. This week we are focusing on bringing that figure closer to 100%, but we continue to queue up more cleaned and structured data for deployment.

For frontend UI/UX development, we contracted with Paralect for a team to build out the app. We are very pleased with their work and believe you all will be too once you experience the beautiful design and smooth workflow.

Market View

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